Alcohol & Security Requirements

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Alcohol & Security Requirements



If you are serving alcohol on the premises, we require there to be two Sheriff's Deputies present while the alcohol is being served.


Serving only beer, wine or champagne does not require an ABC permit.


Serving or brown bagging spirituous liquor does require an ABC permit.


The renter is ultimately responsible for verifying current ABC regulations, which apply to his/her event.


Hillside Farms must receive a copy of the ABC permit 24 hours before the event or no alcohol will be permitted.


 If renters serve alcohol without a permit, they will forfeit their security deposit.





Uniformed security with arrest authority in Vance County will be required at all events where alcohol is to be served.  Arrangements for and the cost of security officer will be the responsibility of the renter.  It is the renter’s responsibility to provide a copy of the responsibilities of the officer to the security firm/officer hired for the event.  The name of the officer is to be communicated to Hillside Farms before the event.



Security Officer’s Responsibilities



  • Security officers are required to have arresting authority in Vance County

  • Security officers are required to be in uniform and clearly identifiable by the renter and guests

  • Security officers must arrive at a minimum of 15 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin

  • Upon arrival and departure, security officers should notify the renter

  • Security officers are expected to patrol The Cabin at Hillside Farms building and grounds during the event


During the Event:


  • Assist guests with parking and directions to the event

  • Monitor and appropriately deal with individuals who become unruly and/or disruptive

  • The Cabin at Hillside Farms is private property and anyone loitering should be asked to leave


After the Event


  • Monitor and escort guests (if needed) to their cars until all guests have left the premises.




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